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This is the best to place to begin your journey with me. It gives you an opportunity to test the waters & experience exactly what’s on the cards with the approach I use, & to see how things work. You’ll have a chance to understand what’s expected from you, & what you can expect from me, before you make a commitment.

It also allows me to get to know you & gives me a little time to understand what fuels you & how I can help you best achieve your dreams & how we can create the most solid foundations.

Limitations & Availability.

I’d love to help everyone, & it’s the reason I got into this job. I also like to ensure I can give my all to my ongoing clients without sacrificing quality. To stand by both of these values, it means I must limit my intake of new clients to 1 or 2 a month. 

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What’s Included

An extensive movement evaluation.

You’ll undergo a movement screening so I can meet you where you currently need me. We’ll take a look at how you move, discuss your current lifestyle habits & define your specific steps forward.

Inclusive personal training & programming.

You’ll get a bespoke programme that is designed just for you, for your goals & receive dedicated 1:1 coaching once a week either at your home, outdoors or in a local studio.

In-depth nutritional guidance.

You’ll receive comprehensive nutrition advice & support to complement your training & help you get to your goals much faster.

Exclusive access to other benefits.

You’ll have access to any of my premium resources that aren’t available publicly to help get you off to the best possible start along with having discounted first dibs on any upcoming events.

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The Next Steps

Book in for a call.

We’ll begin by having a chat over the phone with the aim of the call being to introduce ourselves, help me get an understanding of who you are, what’s important to you, where you’re at & confirming that I am able to help you.

Pay & confirm.

Next, you’ll pay for your 30-day trial to commit your registration. You will then receive confirmation & an invoice receipt will be sent to you.

Book your movement evaluation.

At this point, you’ll be ready to book your initial assessment & set yourself for success.

Start your journey.

Finally, I’ll design a tailored programme based on your evaluation, assessment & needs that fits just right to suit your lifestyle & goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, there are no commitments. This is your option of a one-off payment to fully take my services for a test run, at a reduced rate to help you make an informed decision about the best way to progress on your journey.

Don’t panic. If something major comes up that forces you to be unable to be attentive during the 30 days, we can discuss extending your trial.

The choice is completely yours.

If you decide to continue training with me, we’ll discuss the most suitable options for you to proceed where you’ll get the best benefit from my services. 

If you decide I’m not the trainer for you, there’ll be no hard feelings & we’ll leave it there, with the assurance that my doors will be open if you decide to come back.

Check out the ‘Next Steps’ section above to find out exactly what will happen in our first steps of working together.

No problem. I’ll be more than happy to refund you, providing that you haven’t begun your trial services (movement screening & onwards). 

If you decide to change your mind, there’ll be no hard feelings & no hassle.

You can find a list of the different types of services I offer by clicking HERE & how much each service costs.

Depending on where you are & the space you have available, this is definitely a potential option.

If your home is a little too cramped, or you can’t seem to get any peace there, we can look at going outside or in a local studio.

Of course I can. The idea of training with me is to offer support, clarity, direction & motivation to get you heading in the direction you want to achieve your goals.

I know how hard losing weight can be (you’ve seen my ‘fat-dad’ pics, right?), so the main objective we will have is developing some good habits & learning to make better food choices.

Definitely not.

This has actually been proven countless times to be super counter-productive and actually leads to many terrible habits, a bad relationship with food & eventually losing the progress you’ve made.

I use a very flexible approach with food which focusses on food choices, availability & making it work for you.

There will be some ground rules to follow, but you will still be able to fully enjoy the things you love.

Not unless you want to.

There are a huge list of things we can do either in public spaces or at home that can get you to achieve great results.

The gym is not a necessity, & your plan will be designed specifically to suit your preferences.

Of course you can!

As you know, I’m a Papa bear myself. I understand the struggles of trying to keep fit around the little ones, but it’s also why it’s super important. 

We can train around your life with your kids in mind, & help you keep up with them too!

I totally understand this frustration. Sometimes it’s impossible to get childcare or it just adds to another unnecessary expense.

Depending on your situation, this is definitely possible. The best thing to do is get booked in for a call & we can chat about this more in person.

I don’t currently offer an online-only coaching option specifically because I believe there is ENORMOUS value in having face to face sessions which online-only just can’t provide.

If you still insist on being coached by me however, feel free to send me a message & we can discuss potential options.

Definitely not.

If you’re new to training then it’s even more beneficial to get a coach. This way you can eliminate as many mistakes as possible & find the quickest, most efficient way to reach your goals.

You’ll also learn how to safely & effectively exercise & greatly reduce the chance of potential injury & struggle. 

Not necessarily.

Group training has all the same benefits of Private training except it costs less individually so is much more budget friendly & you have the extra support of your workout buddy.

Private training is for those who need that full attention throughout our sessions or who want to accelerate their progress even more.


My coaching is designed specifically around what you need, whether you’re looking to build muscle, get stronger, get lean or all of the above. 

The biggest difference between maximising muscle gain or dropping fat will be the approach we take to your nutrition.

If you can’t afford to commit, that’s ok.

There are a several options of coaching available & the best way to find out more would be to book in for a chat & we can discuss potential ways to move forward that are more budget friendly or might suit you better.

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If you’re ready to shake things up & make a change.
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