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My Story

That guy below, that’s me. I’m the Foundation Fitness Coach and believe it or not, I’m just like you.

More often than not (in my experience) people tend to get the impression that as a ‘fitness professional’ I must be ‘super healthy’, ‘ripped’ and ‘perfect all of the time’ and probably the worst of all is that ‘I don’t know how you feel’ or ‘don’t understand the struggle’.

Don’t worry, oh I know, and I’m certainly none of those things.

Like almost the entirety of the human population, I have my ups and downs, good days and bad days, hang ups, insecurities, injuries, aches & pains (some of which are often unbearable), fall off the bandwagon (probably more than anyone else) AND to me, food is life – by which I mean I really, really, REALLY love to eat!

Alongside these things, I also have an enormous passion for health, wellness and fitness.

Bodyweight Foundations

I grew up watching martials arts movies, WWF wrestling (don’t judge me) and some well-known animated martials arts shows (you’ll probably know which if you’re as big a nerd as me) and had icons such as The Wolf (from the Gladiator) & Clark Kent as my childhood heroes.

It’s to no significant surprise then that a lot of my time as a boy (and I suppose even now still) was spent attempting somersaults and karate kicks and although I had the passion, I certainly didn’t have the discipline. With that, came many an injury and, unfortunately, many bad habits and movement, tissue and mobility issues as well.

After ignoring the resulting pains from this lifestyle for many, many years, I decided to begin to study for means to eliminate or reduce the pain, and that’s when the Foundation Fitness Coach was born.

Core Principles

Over everything else, YOU COME FIRST.

Whether you’re looking for Fat Loss, Pain Reduction, an Increase in Strength or Improved Mobility; my four principles are key in achieving your goal.


Health & fitness is for everyone, & I do my best to make you feel welcome, able & empowered.


We’re designed to move readily, easily & with purpose. Many of us lose this over time as we develop poor habits & focus on the external things. I want to reintroduce you to you & get you back in touch with how to move naturally, comfortably & with strength.


We are what we eat & our body is a direct reflection of that. Food affects not only how you look, but how you feel & it’s important to address issues with your food to empower you to feel like the best you.


The strategies I used are based on experience, evidence & studies, so they’re proven to work. I engage weekly in the most recent studies to stay up-to date with the cutting edge of the science behind this stuff.

My approach


It’s called personal training for a reason. Whether you’re alone, or partnering up, you will get the individual attention you need to achieve what you want.


Consistency is at the heart of everything I believe in & is ultimately what matters in reaching your goal. You can expect consistent support & engagement from me all the way through your journey. Offer me your consistent dedication & there’s no way you can fail.


This journey is yours & the reason why I’m here. I want you to enjoy your sessions both when you’re with me & when you’re away to enable to you get the results you dream of & feel like you again.


The process I take you through involves consciously tracking & collecting data to get the facts. Together, we will use logic to analyse your results & see exactly what’s going on with your progress. If you follow these clues & act on them accordingly, you will get results.

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